55 thoughts on “Reading Response-April

  1. I’m reading Kingdom Keepers III. Charlene and Maybeck have gone on Mission: Space and have found a video of Wayne on Mars! I predict that the group will find the hat that they need. I have learned something: Finn is afraid of snakes! I wonder why Wayne is looking over his shoulder so much in the video? the Overtakers are everywhere! I wonder why Maleficent is afraid of Finn sometimes? I’m not sure if I told you but the author is named Ridley Pearson.

    Cate 8)

  2. This week I started reading Charlie and the chocolate factory. So far I don’t know who is going to the factory. We don’t know who will find the fifth ticket. I wonder how Charlie will get a golden ticket? I wonder how Mr Wonka makes the chocolates? Who are the little people in the factory? So far the kids have been spoiled, but Charlie is not. I can’t wait to find out how he gets a golden ticket!

  3. I am reading Dino trouble. I think everyone is gonna escape from the T. rex . This is the time a of dinosaurs when people are not alive. I wish I could be there to see what was going on. I think I would be the slowest. There is a T. Rex out looking for a Dino to eat I think he will find a small Dino to eat like a pterodactyl. I can imagine being a triceratops in the story watching the T. rex take a long cold drink of water from a lake. there is a apladsaurus under his mouth but he can’t see it. He makes me scared I want to run inside a cave when I see the T. rex.

  4. I can imagine being both clawed and titanic when they are meeting together. They are a apladsaurus and pterodactyl in the book. Clawed..morning. Titanic.. Good morning. Clawed.. How is your day. Titanic.. Good. Clawed..yawns and falls asleep. That is how I think it goes. Clawed’s face goes hi than zzzzzzzzzzzz.
    Titanic goes hi I’m bord :( meanwhile the mom’s talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk. The two kids play :) Best day ever yay!!!!! New friends!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This week I got deeper in Charlie and the chocolate factory. So far one of the kids, Augustus Gloop, is gone. He got sucked up a pipe when he fell in the chocolate. I predict that all the kids except Charlie will get eliminated, because they are all spoiled and Charlie isn’t. I predict that Violet will go next, because the next chapter is called The Gum Machine. And Violet sets the world record for gum chewing. I think the author is trying to show that if you are spoiled, you won’t win. So I predict Charlie will win, because he is the only good kid.

  6. I’m reading Kingdom Keepers III. The Kingdom Keepers are FINALLY for hopefully the last time, defeating Maleficent and Chernabog. I think the author is trying to say if you use teamwork you could make anything happen. There are MORE enemies than ever. Gigabytes, dummy’s from Fast Track, clowns, scary stone lions, and stone golems. Maybeck and Charlene havee gone on Mission: Space. They have discovered vital info. The Kingdom Keepers have split up and gone on Maelstrom and Soarin’. Jess and Amanda still have their powers.
    cate 8)

  7. The 26 Story Tree House.
    In my book Andy tells the story of how he met Terry. So Terry’s parents were super worried about him and only gave him cold mashed up food and covered his house in cushions and had a lot of safety devices. One day all the safety plugs started a fire and Terry broke the window and jumped out but then his inflatable underpants inflated and he floated in the river and then the ocean. Then Andy came and rescued him. They are friends forever.

  8. Book:Seekers smoke mountain

    Bears have to help each other survive. They travel. One leaves. One can shape-shift. 20 min. Recommendation: Chloe

  9. I read Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets I am answering #1. Professor Gilderly Lockheart has provision to start a dueling club from prof. Dumbledoor and mouthy was up against Harry Potter prof. Gilderly Lockheart said to disarm only but Harry Potter and mouthy totally disobeyed and mouthy summed a serpent and then Harry Potter spoke parasoltoung then prof. Snape burnt the snake to ashes. Before that happened hermione was trying to steal some of prof. Snapes supplies but prof. Snape is teaching class and he does not know about it and that Harry Potter,Ron Weasly and hermione granger are making a polyjuice potion that will turn Harry to a slitherin and Ron will also turn into a slitherin but hermione into a cat.

    • I mean prof. Dumbledoor gave provision to start,mouthy against Harry prof. Shape said, they totally disobeyed inked of disarming they went overboard

  10. Cave of wonders

    There was a new break to fix in Baghdad so they went there and ran from the Market inspector. Next, they met Ibn
    Abī al-Shukr and made a donation to the house of wisdom.
    Later, they found out he was a Hystorian!

  11. Harry potter and the Sorcerer’s stone By: J.K Rowling
    Synthesize: I’m taking the movie and the book and compare the two. In the movie they skipped some important parts like some of the Dursley parts. Next in the book Harry got moved in a different room in order for the letters to stop coming but in the movie, they left it out. Last. In the book the Dursley drove him to the train stop. But in the movie Hagrid immediately drops Harry off at the train stop after getting the wizard supplies. Finally. Hermione never fixes Harrys glasses in the book but did in the film.

  12. Title: Fish in a Tree
    By: Linda Mullaly Hunt
    Ally was trying to describe herself but she could not think of anything. She was trying to describe herself in a positive way, but all she could think of was the negative. People laughed at her, said mean things about her, and gossiped about her. Her teacher kept coaxing her to write, and she was saying things like “come on Ally” and “hurry up Ally”. Ally took her pencil and pressed it hard against her table and did a big scribble, because she could not think of anything. The teacher yelled at Ally and then cleaned up the mess, and then threated to send Ally to the principal’s office if her pencil didn’t start moving. Soon her teacher was having a baby. Her friend gave the teacher a big bouquet, with so many flowers it looked like she ripped out a whole bush. Ally gave the teacher a yellow card with pretty flowers on it. Figure out what type of card it was in my next post. To be continued…….

  13. Dear Mrs. Culp,
    I have just finished “Roller Girl!” It is a GOLD STAR FIVE STAR! I totally loved it it says a few bad words and even one curse word! But it’s only the bad word for “butt”. Anyway, it is so good! It’s mostly about a girl named Astrid and her best friend. She wants to go too roller derby camp while her best friend really wants to go too dance camp. There was a really mean other girl that was a giant bully to Astrid. Only she is going to dance camp too!!! Read it to find out what happens next!

  14. This week I am reading “Pegasus The Flame of Olympus.” It reminds me about “Percy Jackson, The Water Thief.” This book talks about war with Jupiter

  15. Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident
    1 hr

    After 2 years of being lost Artemis’s father is finally found! One of the centaurs creates money which will dissolve later. Artemis goes to find his father and finds out he has been kidnapped! so artemis rescues his father.

  16. Book: The Lost Hero

    Percy is missing and they need to find Hera before the Winter Solstice. 4 hours. It is a good book. I recommend this book to be read to the class.


    In my book A very small pig bonds with a dog liter.
    It is a funny store.
    And a story about a kid bonding with groundhogs.
    Groundhog hear groundhog there.
    I can’t wait to read more!

  18. Title: Fish in Trees
    Author: Lynda Mullaly Hunt’s
    ….The card that Ally had given the teacher for her baby’s birth was a…..sympathy card. Ally had gotten it confused for a happy card because it had roses on it, because she had dyslexia. Her teacher got mad at her and sent her to the hall. The teacher thought she was trying to be funny and play a joke. Then she sent her to the principal’s office. The School Counselor started to see that Ally may have something, and told her to read a calendar. Ally saw it had two hands holding each other so Ally thought it was about friendship. But she still couldn’t tell what it meant. Figure out what Ally does to trick the teacher…To be continued.

  19. Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone by: J.K Rowling
    #9 The character I chose was Harry Potter: I would like to be Harry Potters Friend because he’s famous. He does some awesome adventures and sneaks around at night with his friend Ron and sometimes Hermione. I mostly would like to be his Friend but one time everybody didn’t talk to him for a long time because they got in trouble and lost 150 points off griffendor and had to go in the forbidden forest.

  20. I am reading Drizzle by Kathleen Van Cleve.

    Polly is 11 years old and her favorite Grandmom just died. The family lives on Grandmom’s farm where the rhubarb tastes like chocolate, the lake never drowns anyone and the cherry blossom trees are truly weeping. Now that Grandmom is gone things are changing on the farm. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  21. I read Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets and I am answering question #1. Harry,Ron and Hermione went into moaning myrtles room and Harry found a diary it says the owner is Tom Morvolo Riddle. After a while Harry goes and reads the diary but there is nothing then he writes hello my name is Harry Potter in cursive then the writing disappeared then a message came back saying hello Harry my name is Tom Morvolo Riddle in cursive then Harry Potter realized that he could have conversations with the book so Harry wrote do you know anything about the chamber of secrets in cursive the book said yes then Harry wrote can you tell me? In cursive then the book wrote no but I can show you then it flipped about 20 pages then it said June 16nth Tom Riddle was on some stair steps and saw a person petrified and then he saw professor Dumbledoor upstairs then professor Dumbledoor said if the person who opened the chamber of secrets dose not get expelled we will have to close up hogwarts then Tom Riddle said I will capture the culprit and then make sure he or she will be put in Azcaban.

  22. This book week I read a book called Drama. I don’t recommend it to anyone. It has three kissing scenes in it and one almost kissing scene. It has no bad words but also not a very good moral. There are some questionable subjects. Overall, I liked the book but I did not like some individual parts of it. It’s not my favorite book of all time although, it’s an ok book. I mean, come one, it’s a sequel to “Smile”, and “Sisters”, so it can’t be all bad, right? Overall, I just sort of end up having mixed feelings about the book. It just depends on if you have a super sensitive personality or not. For me it was fine, but it might not be for certain people.

  23. Since I am done with the “Wonder” book section, I am now reading the Julian Chapter. Julian’s mom is starting to understand why he is having nightmares again after looking a the class picture. She was really upset that Mr. Tushman didn’t warn the moms at school about August. The next day Julian’s mom shows him the class picture, after looking at it, he thinks it might be another copy of the class picture because August isn’t in the picture, but his mom says to him “the magic of photoshop”.

  24. Book: The Son Of Neptune

    Percy is getting chased by Gorgons. He does not remember anything. He meets Hazel and Frank. He also meets Reyna. 20 min. Recommendation: Chloe

  25. I am reading “Only Girls Devotions.”.
    it has one verse and on the first page it has a list of things so if you did some thing bad it will tell you what to do to stop it. I read once a night to my mom or dad.Todays devotion is about giving up.

  26. The Rithmatist

    Two of the teachers had a duel. One was the new attack teacher and the other was the defense teacher. The defense teacher didn’t like fighting so he lost.

  27. I read Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. I’m answering question#1. I finished Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets it is a good book so the giant serpent is called a basilk and it has poisonous fangs that can cover your inter body in minutes. So Harry pulled a iron sword the basilk flailed once it missed it flailed twice it failed it flailed three times the Harry Potter used the sword and killed the basilk and it flopped onto the ground,Harry Potter tore one of the basilks fangs he grabbed the diary and stabbed the diary with the fang a lot of times and the diary gave Tom Morvolo Riddle life so he died. After that Harry Potter saw Ginny Weasly then Harry Potter and Ginny Weasly climbed the latter and then Ron Weasly made a joke and said Ginny you have compitishion over Harry

  28. I am reading The Secret of Old Clock. A Nancy Drew Book. Nancy saved a little girl after she fell off of the bridge. Then she took her home and where she lives they are poor. She had an uncle that promised to give them his money when he died but his will said that he’d give it to some girls who are mean to a lot of people. They are in the Topham family. A lot of people think that the uncle had a second will. Nancy is trying to help the family. I like this book because I like mysteries and it’s a good story.

  29. I am reading Drizzle by Kathleen Van Cleve.
    This is a book about this girl named Polly and her grandma’s death. After the death she felt horrible and sad. She has an mean sister named Patrisha. I hope I can read more of this book.

  30. #5 Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets By: J.K Rowling The two characters I’m comparing and contrasting are Ron Weasely and Harry Potter. First I’m going to contrast then compare. Ron has red hair and Harry has darkish brown hair. Ron doesn’t have the best wand and Harry has the second best wand in the world. Harry has a broomstick and plays Quttich but Ron sits and watch the game. Now I’m going to compare them Ron and Harry are in the same group (Gryffindor). Ron and Harry are both friends with Hermione. Ron and Harry were at Hogwarts at the same time and sat on the same bench when they were going to Hogwarts.

  31. Title: Earnest and Rebecca: The Land of the Walking Stones
    Author: Guillaune Bianca
    Rebecca’s parents were divorced. Her mom lived in one place and her dad in the other. Her older sister Coralie was going home to her mother while Rebecca was taking a vacation with her father. I can see Rebecca crying because she wants to go home to her mamma. Then Rebecca was thirsty and asked for some Grenadine. After Rebecca drank too much Grenadine, she threw up. Find out how they get her some medicine…to be continued.

  32. Hi guys, it’s me Eirik again. I’m in the middle of reading Harry Potter book 4, The Goblet of Fire.” in it, Harry Potter just had a giant bubble bath in the prefix room. It was so warm that his giant golden egg that he won for being the school champion exploded into singing. it was mermaids and mermen singing. It was telling him what the next task would be for the try wizard tournament. The last task was fighting dragons. Harry had to fight the hardest dragon of all; the Hungarian Horn tail. The only way he beat it was by using a summoning charm to summon his broomstick. Then he flew really well down past the dragon’s fire and then he stole the dragon’s golden egg and won the first task. The second task was going to be mermaids and mermen. The song that they sung said, “we will take your most precious thing.” That will be a wonderful thing to you. You will have to look for us for an hour under the lake of uskang, but Harry didn’t know how to swim! Tune in next time.

  33. I am reading Drizzle by Kathleen Van Cleve!
    Polly Peabody’s aunt showed her a old library at her old home. And her favorite day of the week is Sunday.Thank you!

  34. Book: Farmer Boy

    Almanzo ( age: 8/9/10) is the youngest of the family. He has two sisters: Eliza Jane ( age: 12/13/14), Alice ( age: 10/11/12) and a brother: Royal ( age: 13/14/15). His first year of school (age: 8) the teacher uses his father black-snake whip against the Hardscrabble Hill Boys lead by Big Bill Richie. Bill’s father had went around boasting to every body about how Bill would thrash the teacher like he does every year. One year he even killed the teacher! Almanzo, Royal, Eliza Jane and Alice said: ” What a surprise his father will get when he sees Bill!” I recommend this book to Sadie for a Free-Reading-Book.

  35. Eragon

    Eragon and Saphira were walking in the desert when they noticed an Urgal army following them! They got to the Beor mountains and had a battle with them!

  36. I read Harry potter and the prisoner of Azcaban Harry was given a map that can show you all around hogwarts and secret passages and it can also show you where people are at hogwarts. One day in class they where learning a spell that can make a certant animal that turns into your worst fear Ron when up and the animal turned into a ginormous spider Ron caster the spell riddicalus! And the spider was whirring roller skates it looked so funny in the movie!
    (I did not watch the movie instead of reading). Harry potter wants to go to this wizard town with witches and wizards only but his muggle parents(not his real parents because Voldemort killed them) forgot to sign the slip so he can’t go. Harry is trying to get a teacher to sign it but they won’t because they think the parent or guardian would have signed it if they would let him.

  37. Title: Ballet Shoes
    Author: Noel Streatfeild
    Pauline, Petrova, and Posy lived in a little house. Their story was a very exciting story, so let me tell it right. Their Great Uncle Gum (short for Great Uncle Matthew) liked to collect fossils. He had so many fossils he didn’t know where to put them. That’s when he bought the house. For with a house full of fossils naturally someone would have to look after them. So he decided on the perfect person. His cousin’s child named Sylvia and her Nana. One day when he was climbing a mountain to get to a very rare fossil, he slipped and fell hundreds of feet, and crushed his leg so badly he had to have it taken off. But G.U.M was not a give-upping man. So G.U.M decided not to go on land but on sea. That day his ship sank so people had to take to the boats, one of the life boats filled up with water and the passengers were tossed to the sea. When G.U.M’s boat came to the rescue the passengers were all drowned except for a baby on a life ring, cooing happily. When G.U.M brought the baby home there was some difficulties in choosing the name. Sylvia settled on Pauline after St. Paul who had been rescued from the sea. Long story short now there is Pauline, Petrova, and Posy.

  38. Frozen
    Elsa was about to get slain by a sword but Anna jumped in front of her just in time. Anna saved Elsa but Anna turned to ice. Elsa cried then something happened Anna was melting and she was back to normal. Elsa knew how it was love. Anna and Elsa lived a happily ever after.

  39. Dear Mrs. Culp,
    I am reading that Ramona Quimby book that you told all the kids to get. It’s pretty good so far. I’m already on page like, 124 or something. Anyway I just wanted to tell you I’m reading it and that I’s a good book in my opinion.

  40. I am almost done with the “Julian Chapter”

    In this section there is a kid by the name of Grandmere, who tells Julian all about how a kid in her school saves her life. Everyone in her school called the boy Tourteau. Tourteau had to walk with tow canes, the Germans came to her school to take all the Jewish children. Grandmere was worried that if she went into the woods to hide like the other children did from the German’s, her shoes would get dirty, so instead she hid in the bell tower. Tourteau found her (Grandmere) and led her inot the sewer that led to Tourteau’s house. His family hid her in a barn and kept her safe. One day Tourteau was taken by the German’s because of his differences. But Grandmere was safe. Tourteau’s family helped her. Time passed and Tourteau’s family helped track down Grandmere’s father.

  41. Dear Mrs. Culp,
    I am reading the book that you sent me and it is 100% good in my opinion. You were right. Rereading is not a bad idea. I am on page 21.

  42. I read Ramona Quimby age8. Today I am responding about the setting. On pages 1-12 or the beginning the setting was the Quimby’s house. Pages 13-15 is at the side walk where they get picked up by the bus driver. Pages 16-19 was on the bus and Ramona lost her eraser.

    Page 20-22 is at the school building but not yet in it and yard ape (also known as Danny) is messing around with Ramona’s eraser.