Week Two (Main Problem)

This week, we’ll focus on the main problem.

  1.  What is the main problem or conflict in your book? How is the main character trying to solve the problem? What is his/her strategy? Do you agree with the strategy or think a different strategy would be better? Please share why you agree or disagree with the character’s strategy.
  2. Have you had experiences like the main character in the story? Is there a problem in your own life you’ve had to solve similar to that of the main character?
  3. What feelings did you have as you read the story? Please find a quote from the story that helps us understand why you would have that particular feeling and supports your statement.

33 thoughts on “Week Two (Main Problem)

  1. Dear Mrs. Culp, I was just doing my home work when I thought about what the main problem in Ramona the brave. In my opinion, the main problem in the story is when she says that some people came and chopped a big whole right in the back of their house. In the end, you find out that they really pulled, a whole in their house with crowbars. After that everybody in her class thinks that she is a lair. So the moral in the story is that you should always tell the truth and not exaggerate.

  2. In the book Ramona is sick. Ramona got sick at school. When she got sick at school she was looking at the blue oatmeal with the fruit flies in it to study them.And thats when she got sick so she went home in a taxi. When she was home sick Ramona was worrying about yard ape calling her names. Meanwhile the class makes cards for her and she loves yard apes card. I have done something similar when I threw up on an airplane. I felt really embarrassed but no one really laughed at me and some people gave us their bags and wipes.

  3. I think that Ramona’s biggest problem is herself because she’s getting mad because her teacher thinks she’s a “newcent” and she is sick

  4. In Ramona the main problem is fitting in at school.
    Yard Ape (the bully) takes her eraser and won’t give it back,
    Ramona cracks an egg on her head, and Ramona throws up in class.
    Ramona’s teacher says that Ramona is a nuisance which hurt her feelings.
    Ramona’s mom is the one to go to when she is at times like this.

  5. I think the main problem is Making dinner now.
    Before, I thought the main problem was getting bullied.

  6. In the story, I think the main problem is that Ramona is grounded and now she is trying to make dinner for the family with her sister. Ramona and her sister Beezus make a mess in the kitchen! They bring the dinner out but they forgot to clean up the mess! By the time they left to their rooms, their parents go into the kitchen to clear the plates and see the big mess and their parents have to clean the kitchen for them! One time I was grounded for hitting my brother with a big ball and tried to do what Ramona and Beezus did. I tried to be good so my parents would forget, but they grounded me and I couldn’t watch tv for a day.

  7. In Ramona the main problem is its hard for Ramona to adjust to her 3rd grade year and life at home. Its hard being in a new school with a new teacher and Danny the bully. Her Dad being gone at school and her mom is trying to take care of Ramona and Beezus but it’s hard. They don’t have enough money to buy what they want.

  8. Ms. Kemp doesn’t like Ramona when she has to play with Willa Jean and doesn’t do it. Ramona does Sustained Silent Reading to get out of playing with Willa Jean.

    • P.S. I finished Ramona Quimby age 8 and I am reading Ramona and her Mother.

  9. I read Ramona Quimby age 8. The main problem is that they barely have enough money to buy food and pay bills and taxes. Ramona is also experiencing some problems too yard ape is calling her mean names like super foot,egghead I think if I where called names like that I would be offended.

    • By the way Cole, egghead means that she is smart. Also, I think some words mean, too, like superfoot.

  10. Ramona Quimby #1
    I would say that the main problem is that Ramona gets sick at school. I think that the cause of her getting sick is that, Ramona thinks that Mrs. Whaley says that she is a newsians. Another reason she might be sick is that Ramona gets a bad feeling looking at her oatmeal and causes her to hurl. A way how Ramona tried to solve the problem is to feel good by reading the letters that the whole class wrote to her. I think it is a great idea because is sick and instead of her just doing nothing, she reads something and mabe even learn a little bit of vocabulary.

  11. Ramona Quimby,The main problem.
    She goes to school and has a bad day and throws up at school. Her mom came to get her from school. Also to take her home and put her in bed to rest.

    • I agree that one of the main problems is she throws up at school but she goes to the principal before she goes home. Her mother was really nice to Ramona they both got to go in a taxi and Ramona wished she wouldn’t throw up in the taxi and she didn’t.

  12. Title: Ramona Quimby Age 8
    By: Beverly Cleary
    The main problem is that Ramona’s teacher thinks she is a show off and a nuisance. There are three ways that prove this. Like when Ramona got egg in her hair and she went to the office, her teacher came in and said “I hear my little show-off is here with egg in her hair. She is such nuisance”. The second way is when Ramona threw-up in classroom, her teacher said “Children you may hold your noses, and file it the hall…” It hurt Ramona’s feelings because the directions were a bit harsh. The third way is when Ramon was sick her teacher asked her to do a very detailed book report on a book she didn’t like. Ramona thought her teacher was giving her too much when she felt weak. This shows why Ramona might be despising school.

    • Wow! a lot going on for Ramona. I hope she feels better soon and I think Ramona miss understood her teacher when she said she’s a show off and a nuisance. I think her teacher meant it as a playful way.

  13. Ramona Ouimby age:8 By Beverly Cleary
    I think the main problem in the book is yard ape. Ramona figured out that if she kind of agrees with yard ape than he will leave her alone. I think that Ramona’s strategy is working because yard ape is being a little less mean. I agree with Ramona’s strategy because she is being a little less bullied but yard ape still calls her superfoot for her big shoes.

  14. Title: Ramona Quimby Age 8
    By: Beverly Cleary

    The main problem is that Ramona is having a hard time in the the first thing is the yard ape stole her easier at the first day at school but he gave it back and a other thing is
    that she got a egg in her hair and she had to go to the
    office because the egg went every where and she over hard ms.Walley said she was a showoff and a nuisance and i think thats relley harsh to say that when your ms.Walley and she is kinda right.
    And one more thing when they were studying blue oatmeal
    then she threw-up in class for everybody could see then ms. walley said children you can hold your nose and that hurt her feelings and her mom had to pick her up and ms.walley gave her a detailed book report that she didn’t like she thinks she got to much
    And thats the main problem
    By: Scout

    • You are so right! But if you were Ramona how would you feel to have all that bad stuff happen to you? I would want to run to China I would that embarrassed

  15. I would agree with Mary’s post that the main problem is Ramona throws up in class and everyone starts laughing. I can feel how embarrassing it is to throw up in class. My friend once threw up in class, everyone eyes were on my friend it was embarrassing to jest be there.

  16. Ramona
    In the book the main problem is Mrs.Whaly says Ramona is showoff but in a nice way. Also she cracks an egg on her head. She thoght it hard boiled but it was not.

    By:Thomas and Mary