Week One (Character)

1.   List the main and supporting characters in your book. Pick one character to describe fully in 4-5 sentences.  Here are some questions to consider: What are the physical characteristics of this character? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this character? Is this character a hero or a villain? Do you think your character will change throughout the book? What might cause this change?

2.  Respond to two of the character prompts below using your chosen character to  guide your answers.

  • This character reminds me of…
  • When the character did _______ it made me think of…
  • I read another book where a character …..
  • This character is different from…

3. Make a prediction about your chosen character. What is going to happen to him or her as you continue to read?

20 thoughts on “Week One (Character)

  1. Book: Ramona Quimby age 8
    The characters are Ramona, Beezuz, Ms. Quimby and Mr. Quimby, Howie, Willa Jean, Ms. Kemp, and Ms. Whaley.

    • I also read that when Ramona goes to Howie’s house, she sees Howie’s grandmother. She also sees Willa Jean’s friend. They are characters in the story too.

  2. Ramona Quimby age 8 by Beverly Cleary
    The characters in the book are Ramona, Beezus, Mrs.Quimby, Mr.Quimby, Ms. Whaley, Danny
    ( yard ape), Willa jean, Howie, Mrs. Kemp, Mr. Kemp.
    Ramona: I think Ramona wants to be the same like everyone else but she has some problems in the school year like the egg incident. Beezus: I think Beezus is the lucky one in the family the author doesn’t talk about Beezus’s incidents the author only talks about the time at dinner. Mrs.Quimby: I think she is nice and she talks polite. Mr.Quimby: I don’t really think he is good at drawing because when he was drawing his foot Ramona joined in and Ramona’s looked way better. Ms.Whaley: I think Ms.Whaley is funny because on the first day of school she said her name was a whale with a y and that made me laugh and now that’s how I spell Ms.Whaley. Danny (yard ape): I think Danny is the meanest person in the school because I would not like it if someone stole something from me and teased me about it.
    Willa jean: I think Willa jean is bossy and doesn’t care for other people. Howie: I think Howie is a nice person because he let Ramona ride his bike. Mr. Kemp and Mrs.Kemp: The author didn’t really talk about Mr. and Mrs .Kemp so I’m not going to talk about them.

  3. The main characters in the book are Ramona, Beezus, her mom and dad, Howie and Willa Jean. I want to describe Willa Jean. Ramona does not like Willa Jean because Willa Jean is always the boss of her and if Willa Jean does something, Ramona is always blamed. Willa Jean is small. She is about 5 because she starting Kindergarten. I don’t really think Willa Jean is going to change because he attitude is the same in all the other Ramona books.

    • I think the same thing about Willa Jean. That she is bossy plus she doesn’t really care for other people, well she definitely doesn’t care about Ramona. Willa Jean always boss’s her around like the time when they were arguing about if Ramona is the dog or not.

      • I think so, too. Remember that Ramona did what Willa Jean told her to do because her grandmother was there looking at them play. I don’t really know why Bruce actually wanted to play with someone that is bossy and always gets what she wanted all the time.

  4. #3
    My chosen character Danny ( yard ape).
    I think that he is going to be nice to Ramona. I also think that Danny is going to stop being a bully. I think he is going to change pretty quickly. I think that he will start to like Ramonna as a friend because Famona is already said that in the book.

  5. 1. The main characters in Ramona Quimby are Ramona, Yard Ape, Mrs. Kemp, Howie, Beezus, and Mrs. Cleary.
    Yard Ape is a mean boy. He wears a hat backwards. He is a yard ape and that’s why the call him that. Yard Ape is a spoiled brat but he is a little nice like when he gave Ramona her eraser .

  6. Character: Beezus
    She has dark brown long hair. And brown eyes. She is in 7th grade so about 12 years old and Ramona is 8. She gets embarrassed easily.

  7. Yard ape is mean and nice. He wars a baseball cap ( external ). Yard ape is Furious. Yard ape is pushy. Yard ape’s strength is being mean. Yard ape’s weakness is being kind.

  8. By: Eirik and Matthew.
    Ramona Quimby, Internal:
    Dramatic, exaggerates a lot, bossy, and can be very impolite.
    In third grade, would rather to wear pink, also has short hair. She has brown hair and does not have glasses.

  9. Character: Willa Jean
    Willa Jean Is Howie’s annoying little sister. She carries her little bear Woger (a.k.a. Roger the milk man). She goes to Ramona’s house and everyone loves her and pays no attention to Ramona and Ramona gives her tissues and Willa Jean throws them all over the place.

  10. title: Ramona Quimby Age 8 By Beverly Cleary.
    wilu gens intrls are :she is esey to canvins becus

  11. Our character is Ramona Qumby.
    she can sometimes be bossy and rude but she can be nice sometimes. Ramona has brown eyes, is tall, skinny,well dressed,young.

  12. Ramona is nice and sassy 8 year old.
    “Some times she can be nice”

  13. Ramona is bossy, selfish, irritating, annoying, wired, sad ( sometimes), a tomboy, adventures crazy, happy (sometimes, when shes not sad), show off ( like the time she was going to crack her egg she waited til’ everyone was watching until she cracked her egg) on the inside. On the outside she has brown eyes, loves tennis shoes, she wears jeans (in almost all the pictures),has short hair, and she has a bright smile.

    By Chloe & Mary

  14. we are write about ramona
    she has brown hair
    Made By:Alex And Miracle