Week One (Setting)

1. What is the setting of the story?  Does the story take place in the past? Present? Future? Country or city? Season? Weather? Time of day? What are the sights? Sounds?Tastes? Smells? What other details help you understand the place?

2. Think about why the author chose the setting? How does it enrich the story? Does it help the story come to life? Why/why not?

3. How does the setting compare to the setting in which you live? What is similar? What is different?

4. Do you think the setting will change drastically throughout the book? What will the different settings be? Make a prediction.

37 thoughts on “Week One (Setting)

  1. The setting is the school,her house and Mrs. Kemp house. It takes place in the present.She lives in a city.The season is Fall.The Weather is sunny.The day time is the evening.The sights are two kids playing marry each other.The sounds are screaming kids.The smell is a Hard-Boiled egg.The tastes are cherry pie oh yeah thats one word that i found.
    – Scout

    • Hi Scout I like your post you put a lot of detail in to it. Yes, at Mrs. Kemp’s house was one of the funniest parts in the book. The hard boiled egg was pretty bad.
      Bye. :)

  2. #3
    I think that the setting in the book is almost the same as my life. I think this because Ramona has bullies at her school and so do we. Her life mostly takes place at school and home like me.

  3. I think the setting in Ramona Quimby is much like my life and many other lives. Because so far in the book she is at school and at home. Ramona lives in the city, in Portland! In her class room she can see a perfect view of mount hood!

    • That’s a very interesting way to think about it Mary. I agree with your comment.

  4. I think Ramona’s life mostly takes place in the Quimby house-hold and Cederhurst Primary School which is Ramona’s new school.

    • Book: Ramona Quimby age 8
      Ramona is super funny. Ramona tackles third grade. Will everyone survive? Find out in RAMONA QUIMBY AGE 8 !

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    The setting is similar because that both of us are in third grade and we both have bullies from our school. Also, Ramona and I changed schools when we went to third grade. Something that is different is that she takes the bus and I don’t take the bus. Ramona can still see her old school, but I couldn’t.

  6. #1 Ramona Quimby age 8 By: Beverly Clerey
    The settings in the story is in the school office, the Kemps house, classroom, school and Ramona’s house. The time is at breakfast, lunch, and dinner so its a routine that is what you probably do so its probably looks like where I live. I feel bad for Ramona when she’s in the school office because she over heard her teacher saying she was being a showoff. She had a pretty good time at the Kemps because when she didn’t want to be uncle rat she said “I have to do my sustained silent reading.” And Wille Jean was impressed so Wille Jean let Ramona do her sustained silent reading which was just reading. Ramona actually decided that she liked Mrs.Whaley but what she said in the office made her never want to look at her teacher again. When Ramona was going to school she didn’t know where her lucky pink eraser was then she started to ask people if they have seen it then one kid said with a baseball cap on “is your eraser pink.” “Yes” said Ramona then the kid said “you better catch it.” Then the kid pulled out an eraser. Ramona yelled “yard ape.” at the kid and the bus stopped at the school.

  7. The book Ramona Quimby takes place in the fall. In the book there is a school near her house. The neighborhood is near Mt. Hood in Oregon.

  8. There are a lot of settings but the setting I am in right now is at Howie’s house. It is past time and it is the afternoon. There is a big front porch and two bicycles. Willa Jean, Howie’s sister, is there as well as his Grandmother.

  9. Book: Ramona Quimby age 8
    Setting: Clickatat street Portland, Oregon
    Setting: Home, CedarHurst Primary School

    Extra info
    I know this book was made in the past, because I checked th copyright and it said printed in 1981.

  10. Ramonas setting is basically the same as ours school and home. and she is new so she has a few difficultys trying to get a new friend because howie is in a different class.

  11. The setting of Ramon Quimby age 8 is her house and school. The time is the present. It is the beginning of fall and it is sunny. Ramona has a new pink eraser that she thinks smells like fresh rubber. She sees younger kids going to school, that are in 2nd, 1st, and Kindergarten. It is the beginning of the day and kids are off to school. The school is a two story red brick building. It sound like where we go to school, it is not that busy.

  12. Book: Ramona Quimby, Age 8
    I think the next setting will be at there house again.
    I think the next setting will be at there friends house.
    I think the third setting will be at school. These were my predictions because in the story it talks about them going to those places. That’s why these were my prediction.

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    I think that the setting is in the house at the kitchen. The story takes place in the past. She lives in the city. The weather is sunny and the season is Fall. The time of day is morning.

  14. The story takes place in Ramona’s house in the morning while she is eating breakfast with her family. Something similar about this setting to my house, is that I have four people in my family. In the mornings I have to rush to school everyday, and I have one sibling. Something different is that I don’t have a sister and that I do not have an older sibling and I am not Ramona Quimby.

    • wow Sofia you have lot in common with Ramona. Where else is the setting? What does Ramona see?

  15. Dear Mrs. Culp,
    as you know, I have finished Romona Quimby age eight. It was a very good book, even though I’m gong to post about Romona the brave. I’m pretty sure that the settings are her home, her school, and Howie’s house. The funny thing is that she always come home from any of them sweaty and grubby. I think the author is trying to pair it up with real life.

  16. This book takes place in .Mt Hood Oregon.
    Her house.
    her friends house.
    2 friends house.
    her kitchen.

  17. the Setting is
    school,her house Mrs.Kemp house
    the time is the present
    she lives in the city
    it is fall ,sunny weath
    to kids are playing

  18. Ramona Quimby
    School, Howie’s house, Ramona’s house.
    That is the setting. wait until next week folks.