7 thoughts on “Reading Response May

  1. Book: Ramona Quimby age 8 Pages:35
    I have had a similar problem. In the book her eraser was thrown by Yard Ape and his friend. Just like me when my brother took something when I was playing with it, and he lifted his hand over his head so I couldn’t reach it, but after awhile he threw it back to me. That’s how Ramona and I have had a similar problem.

  2. Ramona got sick,she threw up in front of her class she had lots of oatmeal. I would also be embarrassed if I did that. And I hope when she goes back to school yard ape will be nice again.

  3. This is a magazine explains that guinea pigs diet and what can happen if you do not feed it. It taught me a lot of things. It explains Health problems and if your guinea pig needs surgery. Today I went to petsmart. I will have to get a lot of things. It will be hard for me because I am going to get one and I want to be ready.I love guinea pigs once I saw their picture.

  4. I am reading The Kingdom Keepers.
    It is about what happens when the gates close at Disney World. It’s a fictional story about teenagers and when they go to sleep they get transported to Disney World to fight off overtakers, who are Disney’s Villians who come alive. They already fought off Pirates but not all the way.

  5. Fablehaven keys to the demon prison

    Seth found Vasalis the sword of light and darkness.
    Later Zzyzx opened and they killed the demon king Gogrog . Then the dragons came and defeated most of the rest.

  6. #7 Harry potter and the chamber of secrets By: J.K. Rowling
    Harry inside qualities: I think harry is awesomely nice and famous.
    Harry outside qualities: Harry has brown hair and brown eyes and a light skin tone.
    Hermione inside qualities: I think she is extremely kind and very skilled at Hogwarts.
    Hermione outside qualities: I think Hermione has brown hair and is a normal height for her grade.

  7. Hi again guys, My name is Eirik Aanderud and as always I’m super awesome. I just finished my book “The mystery of the Burmese Bandicoot”. It’s mainly about two young rats who go on a tremendous journey. In the end when Natasha steals the Burmese Bandicoot from Dasha she gives it to the big cheese who plans to use the poison inside to wipe out all of mankind, and womankind; all human life. So Fredrick and Ishbu have only one option to save the world. After their extremely long journey, their adventures have finally come to an end. They have to fight the Big Cheese! They meet him in a sewer. He’s about to dump all of the poison into the towns water supply but just before he does it, Ishbu jumps on the big cheese and bites him. The big cheese orders his giant war rats to destroy Fredrick and Ishbu. Fredrick handles the ferret and war rats by outrunning them and making them chase them. It’s a showdown between Ishbu and the Big Cheese. The humungous opossum tackles the small rat. Once Ishbu is tackled, he quickly steals the packet of poison. Everyone was staring at Ishbu including Fredrick. Then with a mighty gulp, Ishbu swallowed the packet whole. NOOOOO!!! cried the big cheese as he strangled the helpless rat. Fredrick jumped on the big cheese and with one humungous bight it was all over. Fredrick had saved his brother. The rest of the big Cheese’s Hench beasts ran away as fast as they could. Fredrick clutched his helpless younger brother in his arms. His eyes were puffy and swollen from crying. Then Ishbu opened his eyes and smiled at Fredrick. “Oh Freddi!” Cried Ishbu. “Thanks!” The poison didn’t work on animals! The end!