44 thoughts on “Reading Response – March

  1. This week I am still reading Kenny and the Dragon. It was unexpected that the dragon is actually not mean. He is really nice and is best friends with Kenny who is a rabbit. But some people in the village want to kill the dragon, because they assume he must be mean. I think the author is trying to say that we shouldn’t judge people until we know them. I predict that Kenny will save the dragon. I also predict the villagers will learn that the dragon is nice.

  2. I have just started book three of Kingdom Keepers. It is called Kingdom Keepers III Disney in shadow. At the end of Kingdom Keepers 2 the Kingdom Keepers won a difficult battle against evil Maleficent and even more evil Chernabog. in book III Maybeck and Finn were in a trap running for their part DHI lives!! The Kingdom Keepers are looking for Wayne. Finn, Amanda and Jess are looking for Wayne. A mystery looking woman is watching them. Jess came up with some mysterious letters they are MKPFP IFP I don’t know what they mean. I predict that Kingdom Keepers WILL find Wayne.

    Cate 8)

  3. I’m reading the search for the sunken treaser. I can pictur when diver Alfie gets speared in the leg. I can see the spear in his leg and a blood clowd in the
    water. He went missing after that. I think the person who shot him took him because I think they think he has the treaser. I want to find the treaser I think it is dimends and gold.

  4. I am still reading Kingdom Keepers III. I can picture when Finn and Charlene are tricking the night guard. I wonder why the mystery woman says small lies? I wonder why Wayne is missing, I wonder who took him??


  5. I read Calvin and Hobbs. If i could be one of them I would be Calvin. He doesn’t like to go to bed nor do I. I can pitcher Calvin running down the stairs when he is suppose to be in bed shooting his mom,dad and guests with his sticky bullet dart gun.8) 😉 :)

  6. This week I read a few more chapters of Kenny and the Dragon. The story is getting worse because the people in the town know about Grahame the Dragon and I’m worried about what they are going to do to him. I just found out that one of Kenny’s buddies is a dragon slayer, which is BAD NEWS!

  7. My new book is called stink the incredibal shrinking kid.
    what I have learned is that stink hates being short

  8. This week I finished Kenny and the Dragon. I was worried about Grahame being exterminated by George. But at the end nobody got hurt because Kenny made a plan. Kenny and his friends put on a fake battle and pretended to slay the dragon. Kenny’s dad played a wizard, George was the knight, Grahame was the dragon, and Kenny was the announcer. And Charlotte was the dragon’s bait. This reminded me of when I go to see plays with my mom, like when we saw El Zorrito. They were all actors doing fake battles with fake swords. It was awesome.

  9. This week i’m still reading Kingdom Keepers III. Philby has turned Jess and Amanda i-nto DHI’s!! Doing that has helped in a lot of scenarios. I can picture when Charlene, Jess and Willa are underneath the bushes. I predict that in the Maelstrom ride something really scary is going to happen. I wonder why Finn can’t just stand in the lost and found? I remember when the Kingdom Keepers were at Fast Track. The reasons are 1. they talked a lot about it 2. I watched a show about Walt Disney world.

  10. I’m reading secret agent Jack Stalwart. He got captured but I new he was going to escape before it happened. I can visualize him poring invisible milk all over himself and parts of his body start to disappear a little at time until he completely vanishes. He and Alfie run away. My prediction is they will find out what is in the HMS pandora from the sunken ship. I think it will have gold in it. :) 😉 8)

  11. I am Reading Penelope Crumb by Shawn K Stout. Penelope is in fourth grade. Penelope loves Art. It’s her favorite subject. She was in art class one day when they had to draw a picture of a friend. Penelope and Patsy had to draw pictures of each other. Patsy drew a picture of Penelope and presented it to the class. In the picture, Penelope had a really big nose. She was not happy.

  12. 7.Identify two main characters in your story. Describe them using physical (outside qualities) and emotional (inside qualities) traits.

    #7 Harry Potter by: J.K Rowling
    Harry: Harrys hair color is brown and his skin light. He has a lightning bolt on his forehead. He has round glasses with tape in the middle because Dudley always punches him in the glasses.
    Ron: Ron has red hair and freckles. my estimate of how tall Ron is , is 4.5 feet.

  13. I read I TOTALY FUNNIEST. I am answering .#1 Jamie has won the contest of the funniest kid on earth he got a half a million dollars(because his brother said I will be your body guard) and Jamie was so proud of himself because he highly doubted he would win the contest.

  14. Book:Young rider
    Its about horses and riders and camps.
    I like it because it shows you how much work it really is to have a horse.
    I recommend this book to people who love horses.

    20 min.

  15. Gregor the overlander and the curse of the warmbloods -FINISHED-

    They were having a meeting when a bat with the plague fell down and broke its neck and died. Then they burnt the bat’s body and some fleas came off and one bit Gregor’s mom and she got the plague. So Gregor went to the vineyard of eyes and got what they thought was the cure and the and destroyed ALL of it. When they came back they had made a cure and the doctor that made the cure also found the plague and used it so they killed her and the cure worked.

  16. Hi! I’m reading a great book called Moby Dick. It’s about an evil whale hou tries to murder the people on the ship!!!:(

  17. The 13 Story Treehouse
    In my book I am comparing Andy to Terry. In the book Terry illustrates the books that they make and Andy writes them. They are both good at what they do. Terry is NOT good at writing and Andy is NOT good at drawing at all. They make a great team. Their books are funny and fiction. Andy and Terry are the names of the real author and illustrator too.

  18. Title: Geronimo Stilton: Fieldtrip to Niagara Falls
    By: Geronimo Stilton
    Geronimo Stilton took his favorite nephew Benjamin to school. When Geronimo saw Benjamin’s teacher, Miss Angel paws, he had a crush on her. When he went into Benjamin’s class, he was tripped by a naughty mouse, named Punk Rat, and it knocked off his glasses. When he looked at the words on the board it was all fuzzy. When he finally found his glasses and put them on, what he read on the board was Niagara Falls. Miss Angel paws said “Class our fieldtrip is going to be at Niagara Falls, isn’t that exciting?” The class cheered. The bus ride was not that fun for Geronimo. Read about in my next post what the little kids do to Geronimo’s outfit. To be continued…

  19. Ally The Dolphin Fairy
    Once there were two girls named Rachel and Kirsty. They were best friends. They went to the beach so they could hang out. Then Kirsty’s gran said have fun. Kirsty said come on lets go down. They went down there. They played and took their shoes off and wiggled their toes in the sand. They also found some chairs and relaxed. While they were relaxed they saw a shell. It glittered a lot and Rachel picked it up and read the letter they found inside from fairyland. It said the king and queen of fairyland invited Kirsty and Rachel to the ocean ball. Rachel and Kirsty ran behind a rock and opened their lockets with magic dust. They both took out some dust and turned into fairies and returned to fairyland. They saw Shannon the ocean fairy. But Shannon had a group of other fairies behind her. Then Shannon introduce the fairies. The first fairy Ally The Dolphin Fairy. If you will like to read this book get it at a library or store. I know no boys want to read it but if you are intrested tell me. Enjoy friends!

  20. The book I finished was Sisters. It was an awesome book. The life lesson I learned was never leave your kids in the car by themselves ( from the book ). What happened in my book was that in one of the families one of the sisters hates snakes, and the other loves them. The older sister got a new room. Meanwhile the other sister got the snake that she been wanting forever. I would recommend this book to people who like graphic novels because this book is a graphic novel.

  21. I am reading What Is The Statue Of Liberty?
    The statue is in New York City and was given to the USA by the city of Paris, France. It is 151 feet and you can climb to the crown. The statue represents Americas freedom. I can’t wait to read more!

  22. Artemis fowl

    Artemis went somewhere and found a fairy. The fairy let him borrow their magic book so he could copy it if he gave it medicine. he copied and decoded the book and went to cast a ritual when another fairy came over and he paralyzed it.

    Gregor the overlander books four and five (marks of secret and code of claw) were finished.

  23. I read harry potter and the chamber of secrets\harry potter and the sorcerers stone i will be blogging about the chamber of secrets.i am questioning number one harry potter has been warned about going back to Hogwarts school for wizards by Dobby [Dobby is a house elf]because something bad will happen but harry dose not know the danger but he dose not care about it.but harry’s step father[because lord Voldemort had killed him]had put metal bars on his window uncle Vernon did it because he did not like harry potter infact he despised him and so did the rest of the family. Ron was driving a car and he didn’t even leave a note but he had rope when they were at harry’s house and they tied the rope to the bars and drove with harry potter with harry’s lugage in the back.

  24. I read spy camp it’s the second book in a Stuart Gibbs it’s about a kid named Ben Ripley who saves the world disarming a Russian missile that Spyder made. It had lots of action I recommend this book.

  25. #4 Book: 1 Harry potter and the sorcerers of stone By: J.K Rowling
    wild word number 1: Dormitory. Meaning: A large room at a school or institution, containing several beds to sleep in. Or a building, especially at a college or camp, providing living and sleeping accommodation.
    Wild word number 2: humbug. Meaning: Something intended to delude or deceive. Or the quality of falseness or deception.

  26. Title: Violet Mackerel’s Possible Friend
    Author: Anna Branford
    There was a girl named Violet Mackerel. She had just moved into town, and she was making very interesting discoveries. Her first discovery was an ant’s nest. The ant’s were all carrying things bigger than them. Her second discovery was a tiny brown ring of mushrooms growing around a gushy spot. Her third discovery was something that look ordinary at first. She finds a brown knot in the fence and pushes on it to see if something will happen. She doesn’t expect something to happen. It moves a little, then she presses a little harder, it moves a little more. She pushes harder still, then the knot pops right off, making a hole in the fence. Violet peeps though the hole and sees the neighbor’s lawn. See what happens when she tries to apologize to the neighbors…To be continued.

  27. continuing Lizzie The Sweet Treats Fairy
    Rachel and Kirsty found the tiara by the wheel barrow . Wait that was the last part. So they saw the goblins go back into the kitchen. They followed them and they were making the cupcakes into a big blob. But while they were doing their big blob they were being funny and used icing to make faces. When Kirsty and Rachel were done making their dessert the goblins did not want anyone to touch their dessert so they were still not done. But Rachel found out that they had the tiara inside the big blob. When the cook took Rachel and Kirsty’s dessert the fairy and the two girls had an idea. The goblins were happy with their blob and added more things to it. Rachel and Lizzie picked up the icing bag and pushed it down and it flew right into the 1st goblins face and they took out the other goblins but in a different ways. Then the 3 friends got 3 big spoons and dug through the blob and spotted something. It was Lizzie’s tiara right in the middle. Lizzie was as happy as a clown and Rachel and Kirsty was too. Lizzie put her tiara on and went back to fairyland where her friends are and Rachel and Kirsty were so excited for the next fairy adventure coming up. If you enjoy i hope you did well get it at a book store or a library Enjoy!

  28. The book I am reading is The Terrible Two. What happened in my book is that there is this valley called Yawnee Valley. There is this kid who just moved into Yawnee valley whose name is Miles. When he moved he was really sad because he missed his old friends. He was so sad that he stayed up TWO nights WITHOUT sleeping. It also was his first day of school. In his school there was this REALLY mean principal. His name was Mr. Barkin. In Miles’ class there was a bully. His name was Josh Barkin. He was the class president. When it was time for lunch, Josh was bullying Miles by saying he was going to beat him up. He also said he couldn’t beat him up in school, so he said he was going to beat him up somewhere else where nobody could see. I think what is going to happen next is that Miles is going to get beat up then Josh is going to tell his dad that he beat up Miles and he will get in trouble by his dad.

  29. I read who was Bruce Lee?.Bruce Lee was a famous marshal art teacher and he has a son named Brandon Lee and his wife Linda Lee. Bruce Lee was a famous actor and he was the star of a lot of movies and he has so much energy that it is hard for him to sit down and when he was in school he got into fights but he did start the fights. When Bruce Lee died he was in bed and he had a very bad headache and his brain kept on swelling until he finally died and Brandon Lee died during a movie scene and someone was holding a gun witch was suppose to have a blanker but it did not but it was loaded with real bullets and the person fired and Brandon Lee was killed on accident. The movies Bruce Lee was stared in are Green hornet,Enter the dragon and the Fist of fury.

  30. I started reading The Story Of Doctor Dolittle.
    The story is about a doctor that examines people. Every one thought he was just spectacular until one day, a guy came in to his office and he said, “You know what? You need a challenge, so I think you should be a vet”. Doctor Dolittle agreed with the man so that night he studied animal languages and the next day he started his new job. He liked his new job. This is a fairy tale, and I can’t wait to read more.

    In my book I am comparing Cinderella to Anastasia.
    Cindy is nice,smart,kind,helpful,sporty,funny and dos NOT like to dance or be all fancy. She loves to play a game called mask ball and other games like that. She dos not like to dance because she can not dance.
    Anastasia is not any of the following. She is not smart,kind,helpful,sporty or funny. She is supper mean with 1,000 more means.

  32. Hatchet

    The main character is in a plane when the driver has a heart attack! The main character drives the plane to a lake and it crashes! He makes a shelter and goes and gets some food with his hatchet he has. after a while there is a TORNADO!! There was a moose that attacked him and after the tornado he hopes the tornado hit the moose!

  33. I read Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets, I am answering question#1. Harry potter has been accused of killing a wacky adult’s cat first of all the cat is petrified second of all Harry potter did not do it. I think when Dobby the house elf said Harry must not go back to hogwarts school of which craft and wizardry he meant this but I am not sure. Harry potter is not so smart he dos.e know what the boundaries are but he is not question smart. Ron Wesily is not very smart on questions but he knows the boundaries. Hermionie is very smart especially on questions and boundaries smart but helps Harry and Ron on mischief sorts of stuff.

  34. The book I am reading is THE TERRIBLE TWO. What happened in my book was that Cody Burr-Tyler had a birthday party. Miles made up a character called Cody Burr-Tyler and people thought he was real. So Miles made about 20,000 copies of Cody Burr-Tyler, and passed all of the invitations to the whole middle school. What I think will happen next is that Cody Burr-Tyler will come true and real. Thank you for reading my response and, SEE YOU NEXT TIME.

  35. Continue Frozen
    It was the day the best day of Anna’s life. The gates are opening finally the gates are opening today so there are actually going to be real life people. Anna rushed out her bed room door and it was the first time in forever for her. She ran and a guy on a horse bump into her. She fell onto a boat and she said hey. The guy was sorry for Anna. He said oh sorry are you okay are you hurt? Anna was surprised and said no I’m fine just fine. Then Hans fell on top of Anna and then it happened again. Then Anna said this is awkward not that your awkward i’m awkward your amazing wait what? Then the bells rang Anna said oh the bells I got to go um bye. Hans waves back and the horse waved too but the boat fell in the water and Hans was in it. Hans was wet but he smile back. It was time for the people of far lands and Arendelle to be seated. Then Anna saw Hans waving and she waved back. Check out this book at the book store if you want to. I know everyone has seen Frozen. ENJOY!

  36. In “Wonder”, August Pullman is going on an over night nature retreat. Everyone in the school came and they watched a movie called “The Sound of Music”. When they were watching the movie, Jack had to go pee, but there was a long line at the bathroom so they went behind a tree, They started to go back when they bumped into some 7th graders and once they saw August’s face, they called him names. Jack tried to defend him, then Henry, Miles and Amos showed up and they all got into a big fight. Once they finally got away, they headed back to the camp site. Once the nature retreat was over, everyone went home.

    August got home and the phone rang. His mom answered the phone and said his dad had a surprise for August. When his dad got home, he opened the box and it was a puppy. They called him Bear. August and Via took the day off from school to play with Bear. The next day, August headed to graduation.

  37. Title: Back to School Where Kids Rule
    Once there was a girl named Andrea, and she loved school. Usually this series is told by AJ, but he is on summer vacation for two weeks until school starts. AJ hates Andrea, but Andrea has a crush on AJ. She thinks AJ is her future husband. Andrea was sitting in her house when the doorbell rang. It was Arlo (Arlo is AJ’s real name). AJ’s family went to Bermuda for vacation, but they had to evacuate because of a category 5 hurricane. AJ’s needed to stay at Andrea’s house until school started. To be continued……

  38. I stared a book called Drizzle
    It is about a girl and every Monday it poured rain. But one Monday one of her family members died. She was very sad.