70 thoughts on “Reading Response – February

  1. I have been reading I Totally Funniest. I’m answering questing#1. The book is under my Lexie but it is a nice long book. This book is about a boy who wants to win a competition to be the funniest kid on the planet. The prize money is 10,000 dollars. Jaime doesn’t pull pranks but tells lots of jokes. He even goes on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I like this book because it makes me laugh a lot. I think he cares more about being the funniest kid on the planet than the prize money.

  2. #1 Harry potter by J.K Rowling
    This is a just right book for me because I have been reading large books lately. I chose this book because I want to catch up before my trip to Harry potter world so it doesn’t spoil the end or stuff like that. I’m interested in this book because I saw some of the movies and it seemed pretty cool to me.

  3. Lizzie The Sweet Treats Fairy
    Once there were two girls named Rachel and Kirsty. They were going to a place where they set up tea party. Then when they got in there they saw a lot of kids. Then the directors Louis and Caroline came and said “lets decorate a table for the tea party.” While Louis was giving instructions Rachel and Kirsty whispered about a new fairy adventure. Then they went into the kitchen and saw a cook. The cooks name was Mrs. King and she was feeling sad because her food she baked for the tea party looked bad. Caroline said “Its okay even though your food looks bad it might taste good.” Then the kids decorated the food. Rachel and Kirsty had to go outside in the garden to get flower peddles for the cookies. Then they saw something glittery. It was Lizzie the sweet treats fairy. Then Rachel heard something. She heard a goblin. There was a hole in the fence to look through. They saw Lizzie’s tiara by a wheelbarrow filled with dirt. Kirsty found a rake. This book is by Daisy Meadows. If want book tell me and I will tell you where I got book. Enjoy

  4. Title: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
    By: Kate DiCamillo
    Edward Tulane is a rabbit toy. Most of him is made out of china. His ears are made out of real rabbit fur, and so is his tail. He thinks his tail is fluffy and well shaped, and he has wire for his joints so he can move easily. He is a tall toy, about three feet from his tippy top to his tippy toe. His owner is a ten year old girl with dark curly hair. Her name is Abilene Tulane. When she goes to school, she dresses Edward up in fancy clothes and eats breakfast with him, but she does not take him to school….to be continued

  5. The book I am reading is SISTERS. What happened in my book is that there are two families. When one family has /does something good the other family also has /does something good. When one family has /does something bad the other family also
    has /does something bad. The two families are closely related.