Reading Response September

1. Read 20-30 minutes per night

2. Tell us the title of your book and choose one of the questions below for your 2-3 sentence response. You are also welcome to write a 6-8 sentence response at the end of the week (if nightly responding isn’t a possibility.) Your response should be in academic language with attention to capitals and punctuation. Reread your sentences before you hit “Reply” to make sure your writing makes sense.

3. Bonus: Log on Wednesday and respond to a classmate’s post. Your response should further your classmate’s thinking by asking a question, sharing another perspective or making a text to text connection with a book you’ve read.


Fiction Prompts:

  1. What makes this book a “just right” book for you? How did you choose this book and why are interested in it?
  2. After reading today, focus on theme (the important life lesson the author wants you to understand). What important life lesson do you think the main character is learning? Include any evidence you found in the text.
  3. How has the main character responded to a challenge or problem in his/her life? What solution(s) has he/she attempted? Describe the character’s thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  4. Tune into “Wild Words” as you read tonight. List two words that you think are unique or are new words to you.  Find out what they mean either by how they are used in the book (context), by looking them up in the dictionary, using or by asking someone. Write the definitions in your own words and share how you found the meaning.
  5. Compare and contrast two characters from your story. Compare means to find similarities. Contrast means to find differences.
  6. Write a question you had before reading, a question that came up while you were reading, and a question you are wondering about now that you are finished reading.
  7. Identify two main characters in your story. Describe them using physical (outside qualities) and emotional (inside qualities) traits.
  8. Recount the main events of your story.  Use at least 3 complete sentences to summarize your story so far.
  9. Pick one character and explain why you would/would not like to have him/her as a friend. Use text support and help us understand more about why your chose this character.
Non-Fiction Prompts
  1. Share about the features of the text you’ve noticed. How do they help you understand the information the author is sharing? Compare the features to a fictional text. How are the same? How are they different?
  2. Write five facts you learned from reading your book. Pick the most interesting fact and share why it caught your attention.
  3. Does the author give opinions about the topic? Why was it written? Explain.
  4. What questions do you still have about this topic? Share questions and then write what you think the answers might be.